Although we conduct business online; that does not mean that all of your marketing efforts should be limited to the internet. Using the internet as your only marketing channel is understandable considering how easy it is to communicate, how many people turn to the it searching for information, and the ability to work on your own.

Business Growth

Restricting your marketing activity to only the internet can severely stunt your growth as a business and will leave your options limited. No matter where you are you have an opportunity to market your site. Your only job is to place your site’s link where it will catch their eyes. Following are some of the most basic offline techniques to use and profit from.

Advertising Tricks

Your car can be used for advertising. Don’t worry, you won’t be converting your car into a Red Bull-mobile; you won’t be changing your car’s appearance at all. Making a full conversion of your car to advertise your business can get you a lot of exposure but you need to think about if that something you really want to do. We always see bumper stickers when we are in traffic and you may even finding yourself reading a few; people will also read any bumper stickers that on your car. It’s easy, have a sticker created with something of interest and include your URL. Window stickers is another option. Your stickers can targeted towards some type of cultural statement that will encourage certain people to proudly stick it on their bumper stickers and promote your business for you.

TV Ads

TV commercials is another way to advertise if you can afford it. We all have watched a commercial that enticed us to visit a website, call an 800 number, or go to restaurant and order what you seen on TV. The only obvious downside is that a commercial can be very expensive. If you are selling something that is a good fit for television advertising the you really should do your research and get started with it. Prime-time ads are the most expensive because the most viewers are watching at that time but you can opt to run it at another time. You may not be financially prepared to run your first TV ad but when you are don’t hesitate to do it.

Have you considered radio advertising as a way to attract more customers? This form of advertising is not cheap, so it’s something of an investment (unless you can find a creative way to fund it, such as barter); however, it can be worth it, as many people listen to the radio. Just think of the many places people have their radios on, such as driving to or home from work, or maybe while exercising at the gym. Suppose even a small percentage of these listeners decide to check out your website. You could have a large new pool of customers anxious to find out what you are offering!

Why Offline Marketing

These are only the obvious ways to market offline. You have to remember that offline the entire world is your playground. With offline marketing, you can get more exposure than you have ever dreamed about getting from the internet. Nowadays, there are senior citizens taking classes, hosted by the public library and other organizations, that are teaching them to use the internet; you can reach people like this with offline marketing. If you can learn to use other mediums along with the internet to create a far reaching system then you are starting to get a feel of what marketing is all about. You are only hurting your revenue when you decide to focus strictly on the internet for advertising. If you want to join to ranks of the marketing elite then you should give offline marketing some serious consideration.